Timeless Traditions – “The Ring Bearer”

Weddings have many traditions…from something old, something, new, something borrowed, something blue to the cake cutting, first dance and the cute little flower girls…these timeless traditions provide the aura and excitement that a wedding will bring.  

One traditional role that is not to be missed is the role of the Ring Bearer.If you search online for the definition of “ring bearer” this is what you will find; “The person, typically a young boy who carries the rings at a wedding ceremony”. If you do more research you will come to understand that this tradition is from the days of old where the ring bearer would walk down the aisle before the flower girl(s) carrying 2 genuine gold rings tied to a simple pillow.This act acknowledged a special union was sure to come and announced that the bride was on her way. Guest in attendance looked on with high anticipation.

As we all know it is a bit hard to trust a cherished symbol of high value to a young child. Today this tradition is often represented in many ways but it is rare that you will see the symbols of precious metal actually carried down the aisle…as a matter of fact, it is hard to even get the little one to walk down the aisle.

These fun adorable images provide a sure way to include that special little someone in the celebration, announce the good news of the union and the arrival of the bride without taking too much attention from the real meaning of the day yet provide a timeless memory that will be enjoyed by all for years to come!

Whatever the tradition or meaning it is important to remember to keep it light and have fun with it …the rest will surely fall into place.

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