My Perfect Maui Wedding – “A Kiss The World Day”

Mr. and Mrs. Marq Jackson June 27, 2017

“I want it to be by the ocean…I want it to be a perfect day in every day. I want it to be whimsical, bright, fun and full of surprise…Flowers are very important…and we have to have good food…and oh did I tell you I want it to be by the ocean…?”

Daneen Jackson  (Bride)


We believe in making your dreams come true…we are committed to celebrating with you your love story…we can take a few words from your enthusiastic wedding wants and wishes and turn them into the most spectacular, colorful, secluded event…serving delicacies from your family traditions…we can create whimsical surprises with vignettes of transitional entertainment and yes…we can design beautiful flowers and present them to you as if you where a princess…you can enjoy sweets and treats and most of all you can do it all on a beautiful island at an amazing estate by the sea!

Marq and Daneen…thank you for celebrating your love story with us!  We are so happy that it was ALL that you wanted…We are so happy that you have magical memories that will last a life time!  It was definitely whimsical, it was definitely fun and yes…it was by the sea!

The Evisions Wedding Team

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